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Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI), set up in 1935, originally called Central Hydraulic Research Institute, is the oldest of its kind in China. The Institute was designated by the Chinese Government as one of the national non-profit research institutions for public service in 2001.

NHRI is a multipurpose national hydraulic research complex, mainly dedicated to basic research, applied research and technological development, and undertaking directional, principal and comprehensive researches for water conservancy, hydroelectric power and waterway transportation projects as well as researches on soft science and macro decision making. At the same time, the Institute acts as the Dam Safety Management Center, the Research Center for Climate Change, the Engineering Quality Inspection Center and the Nanjing Engineering Measurement Examination Center of the Ministry of Water Resources.

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Hydrology, water resources & climate change adaptation

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Dam safety management

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Hydrology and instrumentation

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NHRI at the China Booth

NHRI exhibition will be at the left wing of the China Booth.

You will find there:

The China Session

  • 15:00-17:00 21 March, 2017
  • Hall 5, Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana

Water is the source of life, the most primary factor of production and the foundation of the ecosystem. China is a country of relative water shortage and frequent water hazards. With its speedy economic development, rapid urbanization and impacts of global climate change, managing, harnessing and developing its water resources is growing with time into a daunting yet significant task, for which the country has been proved to be fully capable.

The annual No. One Document of the Central Government, which usually targets the top priorities of the country in the year, focused its attention in 2011 on accelerating water management reform and development, which marks a new era of integrated water resources management of China. The subsequent initiatives of China like the most stringent water resources management, “Three Red Lines”, are all bold and determined endeavors of the Chinese people towards better managing their water.

NHRI is very much honored to have been invited by the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources to host a China Session on Integrated Watershed Management in China. Come and meet China’s most experienced practitioners of integrated watershed management and let’s hear their stories.

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Wang Guoqing

Professor, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute

Abstract of Presentation

Li Shufei

Senior Engineer, Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research, Changjiang Water Resources Commission

Abstract of Presentation

Bao Zhenxing

Senior Engineer, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute

Abstract of Presentation

Ma Zhan

Senior Engineer, Nanjing Automation Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydrology, NHRI

Abstract of Presentation